Bad*ss (Women) Athletes

After getting some feedback on my blog post on the Iowa State Wrestling Championships, I expanded it into a more complete discussion on Title IX, including a bit on boys playing on girls’ field hockey teams. Check it out on The Huffington Post. Please leave comments and share by clicking through!

In related news, I am just so impressed by two female athletes getting a lot of press this week.

1) Justine Siegal– She became the first female to ever pitch batting practice in MLB this week (both for the Indians and also for the A’s). Siegal has also coached all-men’s baseball teams and played on them. Not only that, she chose to wear a patch to honor Christina Taylor Green, the wonderful child gunned down so horrifically in the Arizona shootings last month. And, on top of all this, Justine’s daughter was there to watch her mom pitch in spring training. Like I said, bad*ss.

2) Ida Keeling– She is 95 and runs 60 meters in 29.86 seconds. I can’t do that now. Like I said, bad*ss.

Do you know of any other bad*ss and stellar female athletes doing exceptional things?



  1. Ida Keeling's feat is impressive at age 95, but I'm pretty sure you could run 60 m in 30 seconds. The world's best sprinters run 60 meters in 6 seconds.

  2. Hilary Levey Friedman says:

    Perhaps I could, but athletic prowess is not one of my notable qualities… My runner husband claims I could do it in 25 s.

  3. Martin Farach-Colton says:

    Rebecca Romero: Medals in crew and cycling in the same olympics! Yow!

  4. Hilary Levey Friedman says:

    That is super hot. And, shamefully, I've never heard of her before!

  5. Martin Farach-Colton says:

    Not surprising that you didn't hear about her. She would have challenged the US media orgy around Phelps being the greatest athlete at the Olympics. And she's British, so the US won't cover her.

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