Writing, Writing, Writing, and Writing (Talking, too) about Competition

Playing to Win cover on Amazon

I’ve been writing so much lately, partly in preparation for the release of Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture (have I mentioned you can pre-order it now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the University of California Press’ website?!), that I decided to do a writing round-up this week. These four different […]


What Suzy Lee Weiss, Susan Patton, and Claire Vaye Watkins Have in Common

The Ivy League

Every year around April 1st we get a wave of news coverage about college admissions. Even though research has not (yet) shown that attending an elite school means you’ll make more money, lots of other studies suggest that it does matter. Often the ways it matters are difficult to measure, but they include social networks […]


Shrinking and Pinking: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Women In Sport Press Conference- 2013 Laureus World Sports Awards

This time of year is always a big one for female athletes– especially with the recent popularity of NCAA basketball superstars like Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins. While it’s so important to celebrate these victories, it’s also important to remember the ways in which we still have room to grow when it comes to female […]


My Son’s First Mitzvah: Why We Banked His Cordblood (Originally appeared on JewishBoston.com)


THIS POST ORIGINALLY APPEARED ON JEWISHBOSTON.COM. CLICK HERE TO READ IT THERE! At my son Carston’s bris I proudly announced that he had already completed his first mitzvah—or at least I hoped he had. Shortly after he came into this world, Carston gave up some blood—cord blood. He didn’t really have to do anything, but […]


LEANING IN to Single-Sex Education (originally appeared on The Huffington Post)

Cover of Lean In

So much ink has already been used up discussing one of the hottest books in recent memory, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. For that reason I was hesitant to add my two cents, even though I had many thoughts while reading the book (Not the least of which was, “Wait, I feel like I do all […]


Pint-Sized Phenoms: Golden Teenaged Dreams

Arielle Gold by Christophe Karabeva for EPA

Some people just really luck out in the name department. Sixteen-year-old Arielle Gold recently won a bronze in snowboarding at the X Games. Seventeen-year-old Gracie Gold came in sixth at the 2013 World Figure Skating Championships. But both will be aiming for gold at the 2014 Sochi Olymics. They won’t be the only teenage stars […]


Lil Poopy: The Male Honey Boo Boo? (Originally posted on The Huffington Post Entertainment)

Lil Poopy in action

Last week a diverse collection of Boston-area star made headlines. Ben was the Oscar winner. Tom was the superstar team player. And Lil Poopy was the music prodigy. Who is Lil Poopy? Read on… Lil Poopy, aka Luie Rivera Jr., is a 9-year-old resident of Brockton, Mass. The fourth grader, who earned his stage name […]


Lines to Add to my Son’s Baby Resume: Infant Scientist and TV Star


Is there anything worse than a Harvard stage mother? No, there is not. When I was an undergraduate and saw all the babies going to do experiments in William James Hall, I vowed that someday my kids would do the same. But in the haze of postpartum life I forgot my promise to myself. Until […]


Shrinking and Pinking: Shifting Sports

Lolo Jones competing in bobseld, Martin Meissner AP

New shifts in sport have been all over the news lately. Danica Patrick is the first woman to shift into the pole position (the top qualifier) at the Daytona 500. And while the International Olympic Committee’s unexpected and shocking decision to drop wrestling from the summer Games impacts more men than women, it’s telling that […]


The Sociology of the Teen Mom Series (in the Media)

Teen Mom logo

MTV’s Teen Mom juggernaut (which includes Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, along with the 16 & Pregnant series that inspired the follow-ups) is a treasure trove for sociologists. It often shows the inter-generational transmission of poverty (particularly powerful you see it unfold before you); linked to this is much about education, health, technology, and […]