NECN Appearance on Andover Sports Hazing and Parents’ Right to Question Coaching Credentials

In the aftermath of a hazing incident at a summer basketball camp, two Andover High School students have been expelled, the franchised basketball camp (Hoop Mountain) has been kicked off the college campus where the camp was held, and a legal investigation is underway as well.

I appeared on NECN’s The Morning Show (NECN is the regional cable news network for New England) to discuss how parents can try to prevent, and protect their children, from hazing by asking questions of and about coaches and camp counselors.

(Note: I am in fact 36 weeks pregnant here. I don’t always look like this! I will be able to show my son his first– in utero– television appearance someday though.)

For more of my thoughts on protecting youth from potentially predatory or untrustworthy coaches, teachers, and camp counselors, check out this piece on the need for state coaching certifications, this piece on summer camps, and this on questions you should ask of all your child’s afterschool instructors.

(Also, in case we needed any more disturbing reminders about who we allow around our children, this story came out today about a children’s casting agent sexually abusing kids [I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that you can become a children’s casting agent and never go through a background check to make sure you aren’t a pedophile.]).



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    Elisa Zabel Harwin Wonderful!!! You look beautiful too!!!
    December 2 at 8:25am · Like
    Hilary Levey Friedman Aww, thanks cousin Elisa. Not sure that is true, but it is kind of you to say! 🙂 Wish I could have a Lelli’s filet and zip sauce to make me feel better, ha ha.
    December 2 at 8:27am · Like
    Julie Livingston You were great!
    December 2 at 8:51am · Like
    Barbara Joseph Jones Great job! You look fantastic, and every one of your points is spot on. So proud of you!
    December 2 at 8:58am · Like
    Alexis Spiro Bailey You look awesome and did a fantastic job!!! Way to go, Hilary!!!!
    December 2 at 8:59am · Like
    Hilary Levey Friedman You are all being very kind. Thanks…
    December 2 at 9:14am · Like
    Rebecca Kramer Rudnick Marian girls rock! Congrats on everything Hilary…’re looking beautiful 🙂
    December 2 at 9:25am · Like
    Chantal Moore Put your feet up and rest, gonna need all the rest you can get lol
    December 2 at 10:02am · Like
    Cindy Stableford Thanks for posting this Hilary so we could see you up here in Vermont 🙂 You look great!
    December 2 at 10:38am · Like
    Jean Kang Just saw your clip – very nice job! Way to advocate for children!
    December 2 at 11:05am · Like
    Erin Piner Lopez No humiliation whatsoever! Be PROUD, Hilary! You were fantastic — and there really is no better indication of how far we (the sistah-hood!) have come than to appear in your fully, professionally talented and end term procreational glory on live TV! You and Amy Pohler both! 😉 Next stop… the Today Show! xo
    December 2 at 11:35am · Like
    Christine Percheski Awesome job! You should be proud!
    December 2 at 11:57am · Like
    Jennifer Hellickson Nice job, and you look great with that prego glow! I’m sure many parents are appreciative of the advice you’re offering, too
    December 2 at 12:10pm · Like
    Aj Cameron Dilling Yay! And good luck with the baby!!
    December 2 at 9:55pm · Like
    Aj Cameron Dilling p.s. it’s adorable and I love the lead-in, “Harvard sociologist Dr. Hillary Hilary Levey Friedman”…! Awesome.
    December 2 at 9:58pm · Like
    Aj Cameron Dilling oh, and, your hair is FANTASTIC.
    December 2 at 9:58pm · Like
    Hilary Levey Friedman AJ, you are so sweet. I learned how to rock that hair in high school health class, ha ha. 🙂
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