Review of COMPETITION in the International Review of Modern Sociology

I recently published a book review of Francesco Duina’s new sociological investigation on competition in the latest issue of International Review of Modern Sociology.

You can read the review by CLICKING HERE. While it did appear in an academic journal, I believe the review (and the book itself!) should be accessible to a non-academic audience.

If you’ve read the book, would love to hear your thoughts!



  1. David Figlio Nice review. I’m glad you mentioned Bill English’s “Economy of Prestige,” which I consider to be a really interesting and important work!
    December 3 at 3:08pm · Like
    Hilary Levey Friedman Thanks! I really love that book and wish more people knew about it. I also love that English is an English prof…
    December 3 at 3:15pm · Like · 1

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