General Articles

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Kelsey Beck: An Ivy League Beauty with Pageant Roots.” March 7, 2012. The Huffington Post/Stylelist.

Doing the Math: Are pricey after-school centers worth the time and money?” January 22, 2012. The Boston Globe Magazine. Pg. 20-24. (Click HERE to see the PDF version of the print article)

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Developing the All-Around Child: Given the history of college admissions in this country, can you blame those who overparent?.” November 29, 2011.

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In the Wake of the Sandusky Scandal, A Call for Youth Coaching Certifications.” November 14, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Pas de Deux: A Review of Bunheads and Audition.” November 4, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Whitey Bulger’s Beauty Pageant Connection.” October 9, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Throw Like a Girl: Reviewing Softball Legend Jennie Finch’s New Book.” October 7, 2011. BlogHer.

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Lions, Tigers, and Bear Moms– Oh, My!” Summer 2011. Contexts. Pages 70-1.

Why Summer Camp Isn’t as Safe as You Think.” August 8, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Glitz and Drama Down Under.” August 3, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Age Cut-offs, Limits, and Manipulations in Sports.” August 2, 2011. BlogHer.

The Odds Look Gorgeous: A Quantitative Analysis of the Miss Massachusetts Contest.” June 19, 2011. The Boston Globe Magazine. (Click HERE for an online slideshow version of the article; click HERE to see the cover headline and article description)

The Evolution of American-Style Child Beauty Pageants.” May 10, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Don’t Let My Stilettos Fool You. I Still Want to Win.” April 26, 2011. BlogHer.

Athletic Barbies and Real Women in Sports.” April 11, 2011. BlogHer.

Findings on Sport Moms and Sport Daughters.” April 8, 2011. BlogHer.

Cinderella Ate My Man-Eating Tiger Daughter.” April 1, 2011. The Huffington Post.

There She Goes… A Feminist, Trailblazing Beauty Queen.” March 15, 2011. The Huffington Post.

Females Down for the Count.” February 22, 2011. The Huffington Post.

American ‘Tiger Moms’ obsess in their own ways.” January 21, 2011. Opinion Column in USA Today.

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Golden Tickets: Inequality and Children’s Consumption.” July 2010. Review of Allison Pugh’s Longing and Belonging. H-Net.

Reality TV kids need the law on their side.” June 25, 2010. Opinion Column in USA Today.

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