RI Political Work

Dan Yorke State of Mind. June 17, 2019. WPRI (Live to tape).

The Steve Klamkin Show re: Reproductive Privacy Act. June 15, 2019. WPRO Radio.

Controversial abortion bill passes committee.” June 13, 2019. ABC6 (Brittany Comak).

Abortion rights protection bill passes committee, advances to Senate floor.” June 13, 2019. Steve Klamkin. WPRO.

Last-minute maneuver rescues R.I. abortion rights bill after Republicans try to derail it.” June 11, 2019. Edward Fitzpatrick. The Boston Globe.

Abortion bill sent to new committee to avoid second defeat.” June 11, 2019. Ted Nesi and Steph Machado. WPRI (tv).

Abortion bill transferred to HHS committee in move to thwart defeat.” June 11, 2019. Steve Klamkin. WPRO (radio).

Ruggierio: ‘Unprecedented Last Minute Political Stunt’ Fails, Abortion Bill Goes to Senate HHS.” June 11, 2019. Kate Nagle. GoLocalProv.

Abortion debate at Rhode Island State House intensifies.” June 6, 2019. Steve Ahlquist. UpriseRI.

Head of NOW rallies abortion-rights supporters in Rhode Island.” June 5, 2019. Kathy Gregg. The Providence Journal.

RI NOW President Hilary Levey Friedman talks abortion rights bills, universal pre-K on State of Mind.” March 7, 2019. “Dan Yorke’s State of Mind (live to tape).  Fox Providence.

Bill to protect abortion moves to Rhode Island House floor.” March 5, 2019. AP. Jennifer McDermott.

Bartholomewtown. 990WBOB. January 30, 2019.

Supporters of Codifying Roe Vs. Wade in RI Say Momentum Is On Their Side.” January 23, 2019. The Public’s Radio. Ian Donnis.

Elections matter: Rhode Island Legislators Primed to Safeguard Abortion Rights.” January 15, 2019. Re.Wire News. Auditi Guha.

Abortion Remains ‘Our Core Mission,’ Says Planned Parenthood President.” January 9, 2019. Rewire.News. Dennis Carter.

The Bartholomewtown Podcast. December 11, 2018.

Political Roundtable on The Public’s Radio. December 7, 2018. (and the Bonus Q&A)

Steve Klamkin and the WPRO Morning News on Women at the RI State House. November 17, 2018.

A Progressive Challenge is Mounting Against Rhode Island’s Anti-Choice House Leader.” November 15, 2018. Rewire.News. Auditi Guha.

RI NOW Calls for Sexual Harassment Task Force to Reconvene.” November 14, 2018. GoLocalProv. News team.

Legislators supporting Speaker Mattiello do so at their peril.” November 14, 2018. UpriseRI. Steve Ahlquist.

RI NOW President Hilary Levey Friedman talks Kavanaugh, Senate investigation on State of Mind.” October 1, 2018. “Dan Yorke’s State of Mind (live to tape).  Fox Providence.

R.I. Senator Whitehouse, challenger Flanders disagree over Kavanaugh allegations.” September 17, 2018. The Providence Journal. Patrick Anderson.

2018 Rhode Island Democratic Party Platform Attempts to Knit Divisions.” September 16, 2018. UpriseRI. Steve Ahlquist.

Voters Head to the Polls on Rainy RI Primary Day.” September 12, 2018. RIPR. Elisabeth Harrison.

"Hope and Change for Haiti holds first annual 'Engage for Change' gala." August 27, 2018. UpriseRI. Steve Ahlquist.

"Women Enter the Democratic Race." July 18, 2018. Motif. Rob Smith.

"How This Group Uses Advocacy to Drive Change for the Better." July 9, 2018. RhodeIslandInno. Courtney Gabrielson.

Newsmakers (live to tape): RI Dems endorsement controversy. July 6, 2018.

"RI Democrats rescind controversial endorsements." July 5, 2018. NBC 10 News. Parker Gavigan.

"Brown calls for McNamara to Resign, NOW Demands Endorsements be Renounced..." July 5, 2018. GoLocalProv Political Team.

"Rhode Island Democrats Reject Greater Equal Pay Protections." June 29, 2018. Rewire.News. Auditi Guha.

"RI Group Voices Disappointment Over Fate of Sexual Harassment Bills." June 26, 2018. RIPR. John Bender.

"The last bastion of anti-abortion Democrats-- and the move to oust them." June 25, 2018. NBC News. Alex Seitz-Wald.

"Tanzi panel's sexual harassment bills still in limbo in RI House." June 19, 2018. WPRI. Ted Nesi.

RI NOW Voices Support for Sexual Harassment Legislation.” June 8, 2018. GoLocalProv.

Pro-Choice Advocates to Rhode Island’s Anti-Choice Democrats: Follow Ireland’s Lead.” June 1, 2018. Re.Wire. Auditi Guha.

Raimondo wins NOW Endorsement But Won’t Commit to Women’s Fund Forum.” May 31, 2018. GoLocalProv Political Team.

Raimondo lands endorsements far and wide in re-election bid.” May 30, 2018. Katherine Gregg. The Providence Journal.

“RI NOW President Professor Hilary Levey Friedman talks Harvey Weinstein arrest.” May 25, 2018. Dan Yorke Radio Show. WPRO.

Democratic Platform Committee meeting grapples with party divisions in South Kingstown.” May 23, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Governor Raimondo teams with RI NOW in phone banking for the Reproductive Health Care Act and equal pay.” May 23, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Nesi’s Notes.” Ted Nesi. May 19, 2018.

Steve Klamkin and the WPRO Morning News on Reproductive Freedom in Rhode Island. May 12, 2018.

Rhode Island’s Democratic Speaker: Abortion Rights Aren’t Under Attack in the US.” May 11, 2018. Rewire.News. Auditi Guha.

Democratic platform committee meeting highlights divisions amid calls for unity.” May 8, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Women’s groups push back at Mattiello on abortion.” May 5, 2018. The Providence Journal. Katherine Gregg.

TGIF: 20 Things to Know About Rhode Island Politics & Media.” May 4, 2018. RIPR. Ian Donnis.

The Uprising.” May 4, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Let Women Lead– Women candidates hold meet and greet at Rhode Island State House.” April 22, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Reflecting on a week of strong women in the headlines.” April 20,2018. Dan Yorke’s State of Mind (live to tape).  Fox Providence.

The Uprising.” April 13, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Reproductive Health Care Act gets its hearing at a busy State House.” April 11, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Lt Governor Daniel McKee admonished for dismissive comments on reproductive rights.” April 3, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

RI NOW demonstrates free childcare at State House.” March 28, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist. (also The Uprising on March 30th)

GoLocalProv Live on March 22, 2018. (Segment on RI NOW begins at 14:25).

What does it mean to be a Democrat?” March 21, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

Bills would guarantee birth control coverage in R.I.” March 8, 2018. The Providence Journal. Jacqueline Tempera.

Euer and Kazarian introduce bills to protect access to reproductive health care.” March 7, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist. (also The Uprising on March 9th)

Abortion-rights advocates seek to guarantee protections in R.I. Law.” February 6, 2018. The Providence Journal. Katherine Gregg.

Rhode Island Coalition for Reproductive Freedom announces legislative agenda.” February 6, 2018. Uprise RI. Steve Ahlquist.

East Greenwich Dem Town Committee Chair opposes town hiring PR firm.” March 9, 2017. The Dan Yorke Show (radio) on WPRO.

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Passes Gavel to Successor.” January 29, 2017. East Greenwich Patch. Margo Sullivan.

Hundreds gather at meeting to show support of women’s rights.” January 28, 2017. The East Greenwich Pendulum. Gabrielle Falletta.

East Greenwich Councilman in Twitter Trouble.” January 24, 2017. RI NPR. Chuck Hinman.

Women’s march tweet sparks controversy in East Greenwich.” January 24, 2017. ABC6. Bianca Buono.

Protest planned over East Greenwich councilman’s Tweet on Women’s March.” January 23, 2017. The Providence Journal. Karen Lee Ziner.

Protesters ask RI politician who posted ‘sexist’ tweet to resign.” January 23, 2017. NBC 10 News. Crystal Bui.

Dozens protest EG councilor’s ‘joke’ Tweet about women’s marches.” January 23, 2017. WPRI. Madeleine Wright and Bill Tomison.

Tweet Storm in East Greenwich? More Than 250 Protest Council Vice-Chairman’s Comment on the Women’s March.” January 23, 2017. East Greenwich Patch. Margo Sullivan.

East Greenwich Councilman Under Fire for ‘Sexist’ Tweet About Women’s March.” January 23, 2017. Go Local Prov. Kate Nagle.

East Greenwich Town Councilor under fire for ‘joke’ tweet.” January 23/4, 2017. WPRO. The Tara Granahan Show.

Hilary Levy Friedman Chair of Democratic town committee in East Greenwich.” January 23, 2017. WPRO. The Dan Yorke Show.

Clinton’s Loss Has Motivated Thousands of Women to Consider Running For Office.” December 12,2016. The Huffington Post. Emma Gray.

Post-Election day analysis on Dan Yorke State of Mind (Live to Tape). Fox Providence. November 9, 2016.

EGAHC educates public through fair housing workshop.” October 1, 2016. Gabrielle Falletta. The East Greenwich Pendulum.

Clinton campaign kicks off in Rhode Island [live TV interview].” September 17, 2016. Todd Wallace. WPRI.