Personal Essays

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My boy likes soccer and dance, trains and the color purple.” November 13, 2014. The Washington Post: On Parenting.

The Catholic School Teacher Who Made Me Want to Raise My Kids Jewish.” October 15, 2014. Kveller.

Catholic Schools Are Brazenly Firing Pregnant Lesbian Teachers: And they’re using morality as a defense.” September 4, 2014. The New Republic.

Writers Read: Hilary Levey Friedman.” September 15, 2013.

My Son’s First Mitzvah.” March 31, 2012.

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The Euphemisms We Use Instead of ‘Nanny.‘” December 12, 2012. Kveller.

Should My 8-Month-Old Already Be Competing?” November 15, 2012. Kveller.

High heels beat flats: Why I left academia.” March 21, 2012. PAW (Princeton Alumni Weekly). Pages 23 and 62.