Dr. Levey Friedman is eager to speak to your group– whether it be a parents’ group, a religious organization, or in another setting like a library or book store.

Her talks, on how to raise healthy and competitive children, are always tailored for the area and audience she is addressing. Dr. Levey Friedman offers workshops for parents on how to select safe and appropriate activities for their children, for students on how to effectively interact with teachers and coaches, and for teachers and coaches on how to promote healthy competition and deal with parental concerns.

Testimonials from past engagements include the Wellesley Mothers’ Forum: “Our membership had a strong interest in Dr. Levey Friedman’s work. Hilary didn’t disappoint with her combination of history, ethnography, and anecdotes about where her research took her. She engaged the audience while passing on useful research and practical tips. We had great turn-out and a lively Q and A as well. We were lucky to have Hilary as a speaker. ” Another from Arizona State University’s School of Social and Family Dynamics: “Interesting and thought-provoking speaker and presentation!” Finally at Tufts University: “The students in my class found the visit to be one of the highlights of the semester. They connected with the book [Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture] and had an engaged dialogue about both its core ideas and multiple anecdotes. Levey Friedman brought out information about the students and it was a dynamic exchange.” You can see a video of her speaking here.