Pint-Sized Phenoms: Female Athletes Edition

They golf, they swim, they dive, and they play soccer.  This month's edition of pint-sized phenoms features some amazing young women performing some incredible feats. 1) The youngest of the bunch is 10-year-old Aisha Saini.  While on family vacation in Spain, the Scottish girl played in a soccer tournament.  Turns out some scouts from the famed Italian football club AC Milan were there and they were so impressed by her they invited her to play in a tournament.  As if that's not impressive enough, turns out she is the first girl to ever receive this honor.

2) Annaleise Carr also recently became a first-- she became the youngest swimmer to ever swim across Lake Ontario (that's 31.6 miles!).  At only 14, she completed the feat in 27 hours and she stayed in the water the whole time.  Her swim raised over $80,000 for a childhood cancer center.

3) Fifteen-year-old Lydia Ko has quickly become the most talked-about pint-sized phenom since Lexi Thompson.  Which makes sense since Ko broke Thompson's record; she is now the youngest champion at an LPGA tournament.

4)  The elder stateswoman of this group-- though only 16-- Gracia Leydon-Mahoney recently won the AT&T National Diving Championship.  She won the springboard competition but also did well diving from the platform.

These young women remind us that you don't have to participate in the most popular sports to succeed-- and you can win big at a young age these days.