Pint-Sized Phenoms: Moving Musicians and Athletes

This month's featured Pint-Sized Phenoms include both athletes and musicians-- with accompanying moving images. Let's start with 17-year-old high school senior Trent Glaze. Trent has Muscular Dystrophy.  But that didn't stop him from playing for his Ohio high school's football team, as captain, and scoring a touchdown.  Watch this heart-warming story:

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C.J. Senter is another impressive young man. At ten-years-old he already has his own fitness videos, making him the Justin Bieber of the youth workout video circuit. Don't believe me? Check out those screaming elementary school-age girls as they see his muscles and eight-pack:

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14-year-old Mark Boylan also wanted to be an athletic hero with adoring fans-- specifically a jockey.  But after growing too tall to be successful, he turned to music (incidentally another great way to get girls to scream for you).  Music allows him to incorporate his continued love for the sport of horse-racing.  Mark wrote an original song for the Breeders' Cup, which ultimately brought him from his native Ireland to Kentucky to perform live at the recent event.

For more on Mark, click here.

Jay Greenberg writes original music, too. Except he actually writes symphonies. Basically in his head. A student at Juilliard at 12-years-old, he's being compared to Mozart.  60 Minutes recently did a segment on this impressive pint-sized prodigy:

Finally, I couldn't resist including this photo of adorable two-year-old Dominic Ricci that I recently came across in The Boston Globe. Dominic has already scored an 82 in candlepin bowling, without the use of bumpers. That is much better than yours truly! I wonder how good he'll be at age four, once he doubles his life experience?!