Update to my Psychology Today piece: No More Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikinis

Yesterday on the heels of the Miss Teen USA decision to drop swimsuit and replace it with fitness wear (unclear if that will include a fitness routine or just the attire) I published a piece at Psychology Today. You can read the full version of that by clicking here. Two of the photos I included though had to be removed due to copyright issues on the page. So I wanted to include them here in case you came a-searching.

  1. When I wrote, "In 2014 the contestants competed in shorts, which revealed far more skin, and tighter tops, which left little to the imagination even without revealing the midriff," the following picture should have appeared:

    Alysse Blight (center) performs in the fitness portion of the Distinguished Young Women of America National Scholarship Program contest.

    You can find this photo at the following URL, where there isn't an attribution for a photographer: http://thenewsherald.com/articles/2014/07/13/news/doc53bed9fc3400a318794241.txt

  2. When I wrote, "And you'd be excused if you thought Miss America's Outstanding Teen contestants' fitness outfits closely resembled a bikini—at least one with boy shorts. Note that Miss Teen Frisco, Madison Fuller, went on to be crowned Texas' Outstanding Teen in 2010. So her pseudo-itsy bitsy teenie weenie pink polkadot bikini served her well..." the following photo should have appeared:Madison_Fuller_Fitness_WinYou can find this photo at the following URL, again no attribution, if you scroll down to 2010: http://www.mpfo.com/whatsnew.htm

Interestingly, this same young lady, Madison Fuller, just *last night* at Miss Texas won the preliminary Lifestyle and Fitness award-- aka swimsuit!

13529138_709017905902688_6199839968889593676_n(Image from the Miss Texas Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MissTexasPageantInc/photos/a.269209253216891.1073741828.268939479910535/709017905902688/?type=3&theater)